A Rush to Rescue Atomic-Bomb Survivors – Kazan Tanino Haiku Collection (excerpt 1) 原子爆弾救助行(抜粋1) 谷野夏山俳句集(Translation: Hiroyuki Murakami; Proofreading: Patricia J. Machmiller

Some poems here are from haiku collection by Kazan Tanino, Yukuharu’s senior colleague. Hoping that readers feel something soulful through what he saw as a medical staff in Hiroshima in summer 1945.

Photo is provided by Hiroshima City; Click to enlarge the photo. For further inquiries please send a mail to info@haikumoment.org



shivering eyes                                                                                       

that watched Hiroshima’s                                        

blazing inferno



not having gone mad

they can neither die nor               

can they chase the flies away



the man who kept groaning

suddenly quiet

bolt of lightning



hot summer sun

in the sky above ground zero

the sound of silence